About the Fodor Fund

May 1, 2013 Update

Bravo!  Donations to the Fodor Fund have just exceeded $100K!  We are celebrating this May with two events honoring Dave and the remarkable ETHS music program, as outlined hereThank you thank you to all who stepped forward, from the $10 donations from recent grads to the leadership gifts from within the ETHS community.  A complete list of donors can be found here.

Moving Forward: Please help us set the capstone on this project!  New gifts will allow us to invest the full $100,000 immediately and support the ETHS faculty as they  begin planning for the inaugural year of the new David B. Fodor Musical Residency Program.

Consider making a leadership gift if that is possible: Maestro level ($10K+),
Virtuoso ($5K- $9,999).   Of course, we are seeking donors at all level as described on the Donation Options page.

What is the Fodor Fund: For the past 22 years, through his work with the ETHS Music Department, Dr. David Fodor has enriched the lives of Evanston Township students and their families.

For many ETHS alumni, studying under Dr. Fodor provided the spark that ignited further study and even a career in music.   For thousands more, Dr. Fodor challenged students to seek mastery of a highly complex skill–and to feel the reward that comes with using that skill to appreciate music more deeply for the rest of their lives.

Now, that achievement is being celebrated through the establishment of The David B. Fodor Musical Residency Program.

Why Now: Dave is retiring. We are celebrating this occasion by establishing an annual artist-in-residency program at the high school. This program will be scheduled on a four-year rotation and benefit all the students in band, orchestra, chorus, and jazz.

Who: Friends of ETHS Music–ETHS parents, alumni, current students, fans and community leaders–are joining together to raise money for the Fodor Fund. Donations are being handled by District 202 Educational Foundation. The faculty leadership team of the Music Department will make decisions about the focus of each year’s residency.

Our Goal:A $100,000 endowment, invested appropriately and nurtured over time, will endow this residency.  Foundation 202 is managing the funds–for more details about the Fodor Fund click here.

Our Hope:  We believe that hundreds of Dave’s past students and families will remember Dr. Fodor’s dedication, savvy and grit–and help us reach our goal.

Your Job: Contribute by clicking Donate Now on this page or go here for more donation options.  Also consider posting a tribute to Dave to share a memory or express your appreciation for his hard work.